People do come back to us often.. but not with bugs..

Our experience have enabled us in incorporating latest of the technologies for the users benefit. The exposure we have gained working with our clients have helped us to frame near real test scenarios which in turn made our product almost bugless.

Why Choose us?

  • Dedicated and experienced team
  • Shorter development cycle
  • Prompt prototypes
  • Production centric designs
  • Wide variety of technologies
  • Quality support


Intelligent HMI (iHMI) is a highly flexible embedded platform which is capable of automating any process. The main parts of the system are a centralised master unit and number of end nodes. The nodes may be a sensor, control or a combination of sensor and control. The platform is highly customisable even by a non-technical person and can be installed with minimum technical knowledge and time. The system offers various connectivity options such as wired, wireless, GPRS etc. There is a strong backend for the system which is installed in a powerful online server. Each and every data can be automatically logged in to the server if needed. We are providing a powerful user interface for the end user to view and analyse the logged data. Instead of just viewing the data, the end nodes are equipped with some control circuitry. At the time of installation, we can program some intelligence to the end node; otherwise the end node can be controlled through an interface provided.

Voice Alert System

Voice Alert System (VaS) is a product from Saffron to add speaking alert system in your design. Currently most of the systems are installed with a Light Indication or some buzzer type indications. The Vas is a simple and low cost replacement for the conventional alert systems. The system is capable of storing a number of voice alerts, and can play them according to the event. The system can be customised in number of ways. The system support parallel input, which is useful when the VaS is connected to an existing system. A microcontroller can be connected to the VaS through a serial interface with minimum wires. The VaS also supports the pin Configuration of some voice recorder ICs, so it can be used as a perfect replacement of that components.

Multi-Colour LED Controller

Saffron manufactures a multi-colour LED Controller which can be configured to produce a variety of display effects on the go. Currently most of the name board manufactures are using LED name boards with some general purpose RGB LED controllers. This will limit the effects produced by the system. The Controller developed by Saffron is capable of communicating each other. All these controllers are connected to a master module. Every letter in the name board is connected with minimum of one RGB controller. Because of this configuration, a wide variety of display effects can be achieved. The cost of the device is comparable with the conventional RGB controller. The interconnection between the controllers are simple, hence any one without any technical skill can install the controllers instantly. We are providing a configuration module to configure the master and slave devices. One can use the configuration module for initial configuration such as to specify the number of rows and columns, to add new display effects, to alter the speed of effects etc.

Solar charger with MPPT (Technology)

We have developed an industry leading solar charger technology with most modern features. The charger is equipped with a highly efficient Multi Point Power Tracking algorithm. The firmware is so efficient to handle each and every condition that may occur in a real-time environment. The device is configurable to suite with your output driver and input sensors. The Solar charger is compatible with our other products such as iBHMI and 3 Phase inverter. We provide a strong support to our clients to start the production and to minimise the production cost. The device has the options to connect the internet connectivity and to monitor the device from a remote location.

3 Phase Inverter (Technology)

The 3 phase inverter developed by saffron is a high efficient inverter with advanced features. We have added more intelligence and capabilities to the inverter firmware and is working with an advanced microcontroller. The features include, grid connection, parallel connected inverters, Phase following and multiple topologies. Here too we offer compatibility with our other products such as iBHMI and Solar Charger. We have added the advanced communication features like GPRS and internet connectivity to the device. The online status monitoring and controlling can be easily implemented using the tools provided by Saffron.