Better support makes a product better.

We have been in product development and related services for a few years now, and the acceptance we have got attributes to the quality support that we offer to our clients. We were with our clients throughout the implementation and the experience we have gained is put into the products to make them more user friendly.


Product Development

Our team is trained with custom product development, which helps you to realize your product concepts. We always understand your time and budget requirements and work hard to achieve the goals. We keep all the communication confidential, So that you can peacefully wait for the product delivery.

Odoo Mobile App

Odoo has released a number of very useful features in the new versionMobile client runs in the browser and can run on any mobile phone and tablets. Odoo Mobile client allows users to access Odoo modules over their smart phones. The platforms supported includes iPhone, iPad, Andrioid, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

Node JS

Consulting, Customizing & Implementation Service

Most ERP systems now offer numerous functionalities, which overwhelm most of the enterprises during project implementation. Enterprises are needed to pick up relevant components of the system, set up and align these components to meet their specific business requirement.

Our team is always talk with you about your design issues. We can suggest you better strategies and methods to achieve your goals. We follow a hierarchical structure for our team, so you are safe to disclose your ideas and problem with us.


Mobile Development

With the global mobility index rising consistently we have developed this service line to address issues faced in developing business led applications, Social and networking led applications, Utility lead applications and applications developed for entertainment using iOS and Anroid.


Cloud Computing

This service line is built primarily for technology service providers, our SaaS Kit helps you to reduce the time and effort required to market your Odoo based application. With an truly comprehensive set of methodologies the SaaS Kits has helped technology service providers reduce time to market and increase customer reach.



We have a skilled team who is always happy to share their knowledge. Our students are very much happy because they are learning each lesson from doing industry related tasks. Because we are more close to the industry, students get a good opportunity to familiarize the industry with which they have to fight in future.


Research and Development

If you need help in finding new technologies, we are here to help you. We have a good R&D skill to develop something new. We always carry out a preliminary R&D to verify the depth and realizability of your concept. If the concept is interesting , our team will realize it in a surprisingly shorter period.


Industrial Automation

We are interested in adding intelligence to your machineries. We undertake simple and complex automation tasks, design a custom solution and implement it. We can make the custom automation solution faster than a ready made solution in comparable cost difference. We always prefer a custom solution, which will cover all the features you need and eliminate everything you don't want.